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I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything news worthy or current events that effect the devastating sex crimes against the innocent, I have to share the following because I am outraged, and shocked at the sheer audacity of the child sex abusers.

Recently I joined an inter-active, and informational website named It covers just about any subject you can think of. It’s inter-active in the sense that you can post a question for the members, and viewers to answer, and also read thousands of posts that other members have written.

The first day….no, the first HOUR that I had joined the site, I was shocked, and angry to see an entire sub-section of self-proclaimed “pedophiles”! The topic for these monsters seems to be building into a forum of discussion for fellow child sex abusers.

I was so outraged, and angry by these people that openly delight in discussing the crimes against our innocent, and defenseless children, that I promptly did a screen shot of the opening page, and typed out a letter to my local FBI field office asking them to investigate these individuals.

I am hopeful that a thorough investigation and follow through will be conducted. I intend to follow up with this issue, and do what I can to stop these criminals from assaulting the children.

I encourage victims of child sex abuse, and those who are committed to stopping these ┬ápredators to denounce this website, and its members who are self-proclaimed “pedophiles”!