HONORABLE FRED L. BORCHARD – Saginaw County, Michigan


“If we had capital punishment, I would push you to the front of the line!” were the words Judge Borchard snapped at the convicted murderer he had just sentenced to 100 to 150 years. Although, this case did not involve child sexual abuse, I felt it was important enough to mention this righteous Judge due to his convictions of defending innocent, and helpless children. It’s hard to phantom a grown man beating a 6 year old child to death. Difficult to get your mind around, and not wonder what kind of evil lives in the hearts of men. Thankfully, the state of Michigan’s children have a legal Knight to help protect them, and erase child abuse, and crimes against children. You’ve made our list Judge Borchard among the very best, and few Honorable Judges who have taken a bite out of pedophilia, and child abuse in this country. Thank you, Sir for your sound, and intelligent judgements. You are honored with gratitude more than you know.