You know if a judge has to wipe the tears away from his face as he is handing down a sentence, the case must’ve been catastrophic. The Honorable Butcher had just told his court that in all the years he has been on the bench, the case he had before him was the worst, and most troubling of them all. I’ve said before that it takes an incredibly strong, and reserved human being to endure the disgusting details of these cases day, after day, and still manage to keep a level head, and dole out equitable Justice. I believe Judge Butcher is one of them. The 32 years that he handed down to the dispicable child predator doesn’t match the punishment for the 408 assaults the predator committed against his two young nieces but, it’s a start. We honor this extraordinary judge for his service to the community, his compassion for humanity, and his diligence in ensuring that the predator will never be able to hurt another child again. Thank you Judge Butcher. The children need your valor, and strength. Please accept our Hall of fame Honor Justice for everything you do to protect the young, defenseless, and innocent.IMG_1153platinum






Why do we offer the gold badge of honor to Judge Ingram? Because, he did not succumb to the pressure of a tight-knit Jewish community when they tried to disregard the sexual abuse inflicted on one of their community’s children. A 12 year old child was sexually assaulted for 3 years by one their trusted “religious therapists” that was supposed to be counseling the child on Jewish religion. The fact that this pedophile, and predator was a person held in high esteem in the Hasidic community was irrelevant to his sentencing as far as Judge Ingram was concerned. “The message should go out to all victims of sexual abuse that your cries will be heard and justice will be done,” the Judge noted aloud just prior to handing down a 107 year sentence for the Jewish communities “religious therapist”. I repeat my claim that “a pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile is a pedophile” I am relieved that Judge Ingram agrees, and is a man that is courageous, and independent of the shameful attempts to influence, and pressure the judicial system. We are grateful to have such an honorable, and fair defender of the children in the corner of righteousness. Judge Ingram is honored with the best of the best in his profession. Welcome to the list of honored Judges that are fighters for the young, innocent, and defenseless. Please accept the gratitude, and gold badge of honor for your contribution to eradicating child sex abuse.