Judge Owens told the convicted monster that was responsible for repeatedly raping a three year old girl that he was tired of people like the defendant walking theĀ streets again, and again.The jury recommended a 5000 year sentence. However, Judge Owens, in his wisdom saw some loop holes in even a 5000 year sentence. He decided the only way to lock the door, weld it shut, and throw away the key was to impose a 30,000 year prison sentence for the convicted pervert. “By doing that, I think I can assure that you will spend the rest of your natural life in the confines of the Department of Corrections,” As far as this writer knows, this is the longest prison sentence ever handed down for a convicted pedophile in the history of justice in this country. Judge Owens demonstrates the ideal action for literally stopping the child rapist in his tracks. The only way to completely eradicate violent, and sexual criminal acts against a child is to permanently lock them up away from society so that they can never hurt another child again. Thank you Judge Owens for demonstrating how to do this. The children are fortunate to have you on their side. Presented to this incredibly courageous, and protective Judge is the single most valuable honor available – the Platinum Badge of Honor – Judge Daniel Owens has set the bar. Thank you Judge for your contribution to the innocent, and defenseless.



caroline wall

If the convicted child rapist thought she was going to find a sympathetic ear in Judge Caroline Wall, she thought very poorly. This honorable Judge From Tulsa wasn’t buying the defense attorney’s excuse that the “system” failed the female predator because she was abused as a child herself. I have an especially hard line opinion about this because there are many…yes most people that are molested as child do not grow up to do the same horrific things done to them. Its a lame excuse for the child sex abuser to not accept responsibility for their own actions. Thankfully, Judge Wall agrees. That’s why handing down 5 life sentences to serve consecutively for this pedophile is just all in a days work. Thank you Judge Wall for seeing through the smoke screen, and never letting the victims pain go under the legal table. Another gold badge of honor is given to this well appreciated Judge. We are grateful that she is on the side of the child victims.