Judge Davis took a step in the right direction by sentencing the child predator who also happened to be the mother of the victim’s boyfriend, to 50 years…(here’s the key) WITHOUT PAROLE. That means this child sex abuser will not be sentenced to 50 years, and only serve 20 or 12, and be back on the street to re-offend, and destroy the innocence of another child. Without parole is exactly what it says, and we thank the Honorable Davis for handing down the appropriate sentence for the convicted child predator. Although, not life or 100 plus year sentence, I think the 50 years served in prison will effectively deter this offender from ever hurting another child again. Thank you, Sir. Please accept the silver badge of honored Justice for your wise, and commendable sentencing.





Child predators, beware! If you think you can sexually assault a child in Texas, youre not only a disciple being but, youre a stupid one too. The Honorable Lisa Milchalk will make sure if youre convicted in her district, you may as well bend over, and kiss you butt good-bye! Judge Milchalk is no joke. She is accredited for handing down 2 (99 years) life sentences for one child sex abuser, and a whopping 4 (99 years) life sentences for another creep. Defending the innocent, young, and defenseless is what Judge Milchalk is all about. This judge understands the necessity of stopping a convicted predator dead in their tracks, and ensuring that will never have another opportunity to offend an innocent child again. The two predators I referred to that were granted a permanent vacation in the Texas Department of Corrections are off the streets once, and for all. We all have the Honorable Lisa Milchalk to thank for that. Your Honor, I am pleased, and humbled to offer you the gold badge of honorable justice for the valor, and protection demonstrated by your sentencing. The children need you, and as an adult survivor of child sexual abuse, I am filled with pride, and empowerment by your actions. Thank you, Madame.



Image-ContactID-220482_44“Deep in the heart of Texas!” That’s what I would be singing while praising Judge Quisenberry for fair, and immediate sentencing to a man found guilty of raping, and sexually assaulting 3 girls over years of abuse. This sentence is one for the hall of fame – 4060 years. Even better news for the innocent victims, during the child rapists appeal to a higher court, he was slammed back down in the slammer, and his sentence was upheld. This just goes to show that if you are engaging in the despicable act of child sexual assault and/or abuse, you better be prepared to face the consequences. Juries, and Judges, and the decent people in the world are getting about damn tired of all the child predators, and assaults committed against the young, innocent, and defenseless. Oh yeah, and the predators should take note that they better not be found guilty in the great State of Texas because, we hope that Judge Quisenberry happens to be on the bench that day. Thank you Judge Quisenberry for ordering that this sentence be served consecutively. It makes all the difference in the world. We offer you the elusive Platinum Badge of Honor for doing the right thing for the victims, and putting their dignity, safety, and protection first. This pedophile will never be able to hurt another child again. Bringing us “one more long sentence” closer to eradicating child sex abuse. You are a credit to your profession, and the State of Texas should be honored to call you their own.