HONORABLE JOSEPH M. QUIRK – Montgomery County, Virginia”

imageJudge Quirk of Montgomery County, Virginia is the latest judge continuing the growing trend of imposing effective sentencing for convicted pedophiles. The key word being “effective” sentencing. I have come to believe the use of the words “harsh”, and “severe” when referring to the description of the length of a sentence handed down to the convicted predators by any judge are pointless, and mute. That a sentence is effectively stopping the continued behavior is the first priority, and the punishment the second priority. Both can be achieved quite effectively as long as the judges are balanced, and morally sound in their positions. In this case the Honorable Quirk was right where he should be, and we thank the Honorable Quirk. His help in maintaining the growing belief, and support that most of society believes regarding the protection of our children, and the dispicable acts targeting them by predators, and child sex abusers is invaluable. The pedophile received 40 years with the addition of at least 20 be served before even being considered for any time of release. Thank you Honorable Quirk.

While researching this case there are a couple of comments that I believe I need to make. Being a surviving victim of child sexual assault myself, I would like to respond to one of the victim’s family members comments made to the media regarding the assaults made toward his daughter. This family member said, and  I quote “why?! Because we are Latinos?” Was the question one of the victim’s father asked the media when noting that most of this predators victims were Hispanic. I would like to offer my answer to this question to the rightfully distraught father: Sir, not because your daughter is Hispanic. It’s because your daughter is a defenseless child. This is why she was targeted. Race, and cultural background have little to do with the selection by child predators. It is the most vulnerable, and trusting child that are the most attractive to the dispicable child predators. Please don’t make this another racist or unfair to minorities issue. It is because your daughter is a CHILD. Ethnic population is a reality, and by the shear numbers alone is the result of there being more Hispanic children victimized in this case. Had there been a majority of Asian children available to this monster, the victims would have been a majority Asian. Had there been a majority black children, the victims would’ve been a majority black, and so on, and so on. Not every motive is based on race, and ethnic feature. So, again….please use caution when trying to play the race card on “minority” claims of discrimination. In reality, the minority groups are, in fact, not the minority, and in the end, child predators are not picky about the color of the child’s skin or the cultural background of their family.

With that said, I would also like to offer a response the the convicted predators defense claim that the pedophile was hit by a vehicle as a child, and therefor that is intended to lend credibility to a plethora of excuses for his disgusting behavior. I speak as a victim of child sexual abuse, AND a victim of being hit by a car as a child, not once but, twice. This is one of the lamest, and weakest fantasies that a defense lawyer or child predator can conjour up! Being hit by a car with major head trauma by no stretch of the imagination ever compelled myself or countless other adults to abuse a defenseless, and innocent child. I can’t believe that the defense lawyers are actually bold enough to to assume a common citizen is stupid enough to buy that garbage.

Thank God, the Honorable Quirk doesn’t seem to either. We are grateful for his Honors sound, and fair judgement, and are happy to offer Honorable Quirk a Place of respect, and honor here among the very best defenders of the young, and innocent. No words can truly demonstrate the high esteem we hold for Honorable Quirk in this regard. Thank you, Sir.



HONORABLE JOHN T. COOK, Campbell County, Virginia


This Judge is turning out to be one of my favorite defenders of children. I’m delighted to report another long sentence for a repeat offender child sex abuser. Try 110 years. That ought to stop the pervert. Judge Cook’s quote to his court at the time of sentencing says it all: “the damage to these very young children is incalculable”. Obviously, the sentence is one that will lock this pedophile away for life. Here’s my take on it: it’s one thing to be a judge, and hand down a sentence to a convicted pedophile. It’s an entirely different thing when it’s clear that the Judge dispensing the justice has a very good understanding of the magnitude of the crime, and it’s effects on the victims by the offenders. We believe that the Honorable John T. Cook is one of those rare, and invaluable individuals, and we are delighted that he serves to protect the young, innocent, and defenseless. Maybe when the convicted pedophile addressed the court with an apology, noting that he was a Firefighter, husband, and father was not in his best interest. It’s possible that Judge Cook may have had the same reaction as we do. For those dynamics, it’s all the more reason why this pervert would’ve been held to a higher standard. The punishment would naturally lean toward a more severe sentence in this tax payers eyes. Regardless of what the schematics were, the gratitude we have for Honorable Cook is immeasurable. He has the moral fiber, leadership skills, and fair mindness to do his job, and do it very well. Makes me wish I lived in Virginia. At least I would know the children are one less pedophile safer on the streets. Thank you Honorable Cook. You are an amazing Jurist, and we commend you once again for you responsible valor.


HONORABLE ROBERT TURK – Montgomery County, Virginia


I dont think it gets much better than this. Judge Robert Turk handed down the maximum sentence allowed for a repeat child sex abuser. While the pedophile addressed the court, he told Judge Turk that he was a monster, and people should be afraid of him. Im so happy that the Honorable Turk was paying attention. It’s not something that should go unnoticed when the words are coming straight from the perverts mouth. Apparently, Honorable Turk obliged the pedophile, and handed him 40 years in his hat. So long, pedophile, and thank you for leaving the streets that you roamed. Now, maybe the children will be a little bit safer. More gratitude goes to the Honorable Robert Turk for doing his part in taking one more repeat offender off the streets. Thank you, Your Honor for taking the responsible, and logical action needed to eliminate this convicted child predator from having access to children. The children need you in their corner. We are proud that you are serving out the kind of Justice that ensures the young, defenseless, and innocent have a better chance of growing up in a world safe, and secure from predators.



I know that this site is dedicated to the Judges that pass down fair sentences for child sex abusers. But, I couldn’t help but mention the Governor ROBERT MCDONNELL of Virginia for his enacting into law that any sexual assaults committed upon a child 13 years or younger will carry a mandatory LIFE sentence for the convicted predator. Weather its political or personal, we appreciate this Governor’s serious approach to punishing, and stopping the child predators. An honorary gold badge to Governor McDonnell.


HONORABLE JOHN T. COOK – Roanoke, Virginia


The convicted child rapist that came before this Judge had absolutely nothing to say in his defense. Of course, the perverts defense attorney did. Don’t they always? But, another lame excuse, this one being that his client was “young” suggesting that a life sentence was too harsh, is absolutely no excuse. It holds no weight, and the defense attorney should’ve known better when the judge is a Professor of Law as Judge Cook is. Raping children, and video taping these violent acts are despicable, and prove absolutely no remorse from the child sex abuser. What about the “young” victims, all under the age of 13. Again, the burden of the sentencing should be on the criminal, and not the victim. Especially the young, and defenseless. Thankfully, Judge Cook must agree. So, I’m sure he didn’t lose any sleep the night he sentenced this violent, and despicable predator to 755 years in prison. There is not enough gratitude to express for this responsible, and learned Justice. He is a credit to his profession, and an asset to the world in which we live. Thank you, Judge Cook for holding the value of an innocent child above any possible excuse the predators or their crafty defense lawyers can spin out. We humbly offer the gold badge of honor to Judge John T. Cook for his wisdom, and actions in protecting the young,  innocent, and defenseless. It’s comforting to know that this Judge has demonstrated his commitment, and moral obligation to the rights, and safety of the children. Thank you for taking one more child predator off the streets for good.