HONORABLE CHET A. THARPE – Hillsborough County, Florida


Honorable Chet A. Tharpe is a man of great integrity, and sensible judgement when it comes to punishing convicted child sex abusers, and pedophiles. He is a credit to his profession, and commitment to defending the young, innocent, and defenseless. While researching this very honorable, and fair man, I was angered by a case that he presided over in which the defense attorneys for a plethora of child rapists attacked this defender of children, and the public due to a technicality:


I understand that our justice system provides for a fair, and dispassionate bench trial. I’m sure that there may be at times a very important, and a valid reason to object to what a judge may imposed. Especially if the defense attorneys argument had merit. But, from my stand point…just a taxpayer, common citizen…The guy was already CONVICTED for his crimes. Hes a sick, and relentless child predator. The defense lawyers, people who are accustomed to dredging the bottom of the reservoir containing the most despicable, and loathsome individuals in society, managed to put a spin by way of a “technicality” and, use it as an opportunity to have as many of their cases (all child predators, and baby rapists) to appeal for re-sentencing. Are you absolutely effing kidding me?! Sometimes, I cant tell who is lower, The pedophiles or their opportunist defense lawyers. Does the fact that this predator exploited child sex abuse, rape, and molesting mean anything at all to those who are paid to defend convicted child rapists?  To the defense attorneys who have convicted pedophiles as clients: How do you people sleep at night, and how do you justify all the complete crap you spew out against the detriment of an innocent, and defenseless child? The defense lawyers in this particular case make me sick..as do the additional lawyers who capitalized on an opportunity to charge their clients more money to give them a chance of re-sentencing, and probably telling them that their sentences will be lesser. Ugh!! Why, why, why do will still defend, and fight for a convicted baby rapist?!

Judge Tharpe, I am sorry that you had so many immoral, and opportunistic lawyers attack you like the rabid dogs they are over such an irrelevant comment. Unfortunately, these lawyers seem as opportunistic as their guilty clients. Well, birds of a feather……. Cads. Please know that for every resource the pedophile can pull out from the same depths he/she resides in, so are there many, many who support you, and honor you for your integrity. Many more are grateful for your service, and your commitment to protecting the children in our world. The impact you have made in our society to protect the innocent, and righteously punish the guilty is immeasurable, and the gratitude is boundless. Thank you making an impact that will help protect the young, and innocent from the monsters that would consume the innocence of our civilization. Great appreciation is extended with the solid gold badge of honor for Judge Tharpe for holding his ground.




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